Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the Equipment you have agreed to hire from SAFE KIDS MANILA. By hiring the Equipment, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


Hire of Equipment

We agree to hire the Equipment to you for the Rental Period as set out in your online, email or telephone order, and you agree to return the Equipment at the end of that period. You are entitled to use the Equipment for the Rental Period and for any mutually agreed extension prior to the end of the Rental Period if the Equipment is available for the extended period; if not available, then you agree to return the Equipment as per the original Rental Period.


Damaged, lost or stolen Equipment

We reserve the right to charge a Bond on all Equipment hired and will vary depending on the Equipment hired. The Bond will be processed at the time of the first payment, deducting it from a credit card or PayPal account nominated by you. We will refund the Bond back to your nominated credit card or PayPal account within three business days after the return of the Equipment or at the end of the Rental Period. PayPal refunds are normally instantaneous.

If the Equipment and accessories that came with it are not returned at the end of the Rental Period, or are not in the same condition as when they were hired to you (except for fair wear and tear), we reserve our right to withhold payment of the Bond, or to reduce the amount of the Bond, as compensation for the repair and/or replacements cost of the Equipment and accessories.

If the Equipment and accessories that came with it are returned in an unacceptable condition, i.e. extremely dirty, we reserve our right to withhold payment of the Bond, or to reduce the amount of the Bond, as compensation for the extensive cleaning cost of the Equipment and accessories.

If the Equipment is lost or stolen, or there is reasonable basis to believe that it has been stolen, you agree to inform us within 24 hours and report the incident to the Police within five days of becoming aware the Equipment was stolen.

Whether the Equipment was damaged, lost, or stolen, if the replacement or repair cost of the Equipment and accessories is more than the Bond, you agree to pay us the replacement or repair cost, less the amount of the Bond. Further, you also agree to pay any additional cost that may be incurred by us, such as collection fees, legal cost, and cost incurred in seeking payment from you.

Indicative Replacement Cost:

Car Seat – USD 350

Booster Seat – USD 100

Feeding Chair – USD 70


Payment of Rental Charge

You agree to pay the Rental Charge. The Rental Charge is payable prior to the start of the Rental Period.

If you keep the Equipment for longer than the Rental Period, you also agree to pay us the Rental Charge for the Equipment for the additional days that you have the Equipment.

Our preferred mode of payment is by PayPal or credit card. By hiring the Equipment you authorize us to process payment of Rental Charges payable by you on the credit card or PayPal account that you have nominated in your order.

You also authorize us to process the following charges on your nominated credit card or PayPal account:

(a) The cost of repair or replacement of any Equipment and/or accessories that are damaged, lost or stolen whilst in your possession;

(b) Additional Rental Charges for the days that you have the Equipment after the Rental Period has ended; and

(c) Any other amounts due and owing by you to us under these Terms and Conditions.


Your Obligations

The information you have provided with your order are correct in every aspect and are not misleading in any way and that you have not left anything out that we should know about.

You agree:

  1. You will keep the Equipment you intend to hire in the same condition as they were in at the start of the Rental Period;
  2. You will only install and use the Equipment in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions;
  3. You will assume all risk and liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or to property, or third parties arising out of the use, installation or possession of the Equipment;
  4. You will ensure that no one uses the Equipment who is not properly instructed in its use and will not allow the Equipment to be misused;
  5. You will report any damage to, or loss of, the Equipment to Safe Kids Manila immediately and return the items if damage is such that the Equipment is no longer safe to use;
  6. You will not alter, modify or repair the Equipment;
  7. You will use the Equipment personally and not lend the Equipment to anyone else;
  8. You will be liable for any breach of these terms and conditions even if the breach was caused by someone other than you;
  9. You will indemnify us against any injury, loss or damage, however caused, which anyone else may directly or indirectly suffer in connection with the use of the Equipment. To the extent permitted by law, any condition or warranty which would otherwise be implied into these terms and conditions is excluded;
  10. You will, in the event that the Equipment is involved in any motor vehicle collision or similar accident, immediately discontinue the use of the Equipment, notify us and arrange for their immediate return.

It is your responsibility to check all of the hired Equipment and accessories on delivery or collection and you acknowledge that:

  • They are correct and complete as per your order;
  • They are not damaged in any way;
  • They are clean and of acceptable quality;
  • They are fit for the purpose that you intend to use them for;
  • You have read and understood the manufacturer’s instructions available on our website or provided upon request;

You must notify Safe Kids Manila of any faults or missing items within 2 hours of receiving the Equipment for hire.


Cancellation and Refund

We require at least 72 hours notification for cancellation of any orders. In the event that you cancel the order with less than 72 hours notice, there will be no refund. If cancellation is more than 72 hours and within 7 days, a cancellation fee of 50% of the fees shall be payable.

For cancellations made more than seven days from the date of the delivery or collection of the Equipment, you will be refunded 100%.

Associated delivery fees will be refunded 100% regardless of when the cancellation was made.

If we are unable to deliver or provide the Equipment, then we may cancel the Hirer’s order (even if it has been accepted) by written notice to the Hirer. No purported cancellation or suspension of an order or any part of it by the Hirer is binding on the Company once the order has been accepted.

Equipment returned early is not eligible for a refund for unused time.


Delivery of Equipment

If you or your representative are not at the agreed delivery point, or are not ready to take delivery at the agreed time, or if we cannot gain access to the delivery point, then we reserve the right to charge the Hirer the associated delivery fee. If you would like to reschedule the delivery, with the new schedule subject to the availability of our driver, you will be charged another delivery fee. Any unused day of the Rental Period is not refundable.


Specific Warnings

You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of everyone who uses the Equipment (including children). You must ensure that you only use the Goods strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. All instruction manuals are available in our website. Upon request, we will provide you with a copy of the manufacturer’s instructions upon delivery of the Equipment. You agree that before you start using the Equipment, you will familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions and comply strictly with them.

If you change the installation of the Equipment in any way without obtaining assistance from a person who is qualified in the safe handling, installation and maintenance of the Equipment, you must do so only in accordance with the manual that we supply to you.

In the event that the Safe Kids Manila needs to retake possession of the Equipment if any of these terms and conditions is breached, it will not affect the right of the Company to recover from the Hirer any money due to the Company or damages or breach.


Amendments to Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions and will be effective immediately upon notification via http://www.safekidsmanila.com. By continuing to hire the Equipment after such notification, you will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by the amended terms and conditions.