Basic First Aid Kit


The basic first aid kit will give you peace of mind for when little accidents happen when you’re out and about. Please see the Description below for the list of items.

Note: If you will not take these back home with you, please return them when we pick up your car seat and we will donate them to charity for you. We will collect all returns and as soon as we collect enough, we will donate them to an orphanage or to a kids with special needs institution, together with the small profit we make from these items. Please see more info in our Giving Back page.

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1 x mercurial thermometer
1 x pair of sterile gloves
1 x sterile gauze bandage
4 x band aids
4 x alcohol prep pads
4 x povidone-iodine pads
1 x small scissors (not medical grade)
1 x small bottle hand sanitizer
1 x disposable zip-lock plastic bag
6 x cotton balls
10 x cotton buds


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