The Story Behind
Safe Kids Manila

By KC Constantino

One evening, I was driving to the train station with my children to pick up my husband. Three kilometres in, my three-year-old suddenly shouted, “Mom!!!!” I asked him what he needed and he responded, “My seat belt is undone!” I panicked a little because it was dark and I have always felt it’s more dangerous to drive at nighttime. I found a side street a minute later and fixed his seat belt. I applauded him for getting my attention and for asking me to fix his seat belt. I asked him why he told me. He said, “It’s for safety, mom.” I smiled and thought that all my little talking-about-what-you-are-doing-while-doing-it to encourage speech and language development paid off. My very cheeky little man is talking about SAFETY.

I thought about our upcoming vacation in the Philippines. “Where will I get car seats for my three kids?” That was my light bulb moment. I thought about tourists and balikbayans (visiting Filipinos who reside abroad) like us who struggle to borrow car seats in the Philippines or who have to bring their heavy, bulky car seats in their flights. There is no way my husband would agree to bring along three car seats! Can you imagine traveling with three toddlers with their own little suitcases, maybe four big suitcases, two backpacks, strollers, AND THREE CAR SEATS? 🙂 A car seat rental business makes sense.

“Where will I get car seats for my three kids?” That was my light bulb moment.

Then the more I thought about it, the more I decided that this would not be just about the rental business. I want to promote safety and hopefully, to encourage manufacturers to make car seats more affordable to the majority of the Filipinos. I would like the government to take action on making car seats mandatory and affordable at the same time. I would like parents and guardians to be informed about car seat use and car seat safety standards. I would like us, Safe Kids Manila, to be an advocate of child safety on the road.

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